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Flamingo Moon Consulting

Flamingo Moon is a full-service management consultancy, the group’s founding consulting practice, with a predominantly private sector market niche. The core capabilities of the business start in corporate strategy formulation and execution frameworks, business modeling, value chain and process mapping and re-engineering as well as business process support systems. Organisational design and performance systems design and alignment are additional areas of expertise

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ImpactUS is positioned at the forefront of the sustainability conversation. As South Africa’s social impact studies company, ImpactUS has undertaken large-scale social impact studies for listed multinationals with social sustainability project portfolios in excess of R100 million per annum. The ImpactUS research and evaluation model lends itself to organisations wanting to understand the extent to which they are impacting communities. The model also helps clients develop a coherent and aligned sustainability strategy that links business performance and profitability, compliance and risk as well as social, economic and environmental sustainability. The ImpactUS methodology is aligned to the Impact Reporting and Investments Standards (IRIS) framework, a globally recognized measurement approach for impact investors

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MineLogic is tailored to deliver solutions unique to the mining, mining-related as well as construction industries. These industries thrive on getting the most performance and productivity out of culturally and ethnically diverse work teams. Most critically, these industries deal with extreme polarities in literacy levels, academic qualifications, skills and competencies between management and general labour workers. High levels of unionization, labour unrest and compliance demands make the industries demanding to manage and operate profitably. The labour intensity of the mining sector has a significant weighting on profitability among other input factors. MineLogic developed the ‘5-Status Mine Tool’, an all-round people performance and productivity framework improving management’s understanding of the critical people performance drivers of a mine. MineLogic has delivered projects for the world’s leading gold, coal and platinum commodity miners

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Strategic Thinking Institute

Strategic thinking is an executive skill in high demand globally. A rapidly changing, increasingly boundary-less, unpredictable world demands a new form of leadership resilience born out of a combination of experiential learning as well as originality and clarity of thought. Formal business education and work experience equip leaders with the former; clarity of thought is an element not offered in textbook learning and yet carries an increasingly critical weighting in judgment and decision-making skills of leaders. The mission of the Strategic Thinking Institute is to single-mindedly focus on developing executives and managers’ strategic thinking skills and capabilities through coaching them in advanced techniques of thinking and how best to combine them in different situations and contexts. The Strategic Thinking Institute was conceived out of observing many corporate executive teams over the years in our facilitation of strategy dialogues. We deduced that fewer executives are comfortable with the dilemmas and paradoxes presented by the tasks of long-range strategic thinking. The focus of strategic thinking is not the subject matter of strategy, but rather the rational, emotional and social thinking profile that is typical of strategists and accomplished decision-makers

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Strategon Consulting

Strategon Consulting is the corporate re-imagination boutique. The best of corporate brands experience growth, achieve maturity, flat-line and eventually decline if management fails to rejuvenate their fortunes. At Strategon Consulting we partner management in a corporate re-imagining process that builds a prototype model of their organisation in a successful future. The process marries the principles of design, innovation and business remodeling. We first re-imagine the industry customer of the future, their profile and behaviour and how they will see their reflection in various brand positioning spaces. Using future-scope design, we forward-evolve the target company brand architecture and portfolio to a form and function that will best meet the needs of the future customer. A business remodeling process then produces the ideal evolved and re-imagined organisation that has a distinctly discernible ‘then’ picture from the ‘now’. Project planning maps the phases and timing for ideation, incubation, prototype, laboratory experiments, market testing and launch of the re-imagined organisation

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Flamingo moon Ventures

The world has no shortage of ideas. Start-ups are conceived and launched daily. For Flamingo Moon Ventures however, we understand that only a few of such start-ups are based on design thinking: somehow their success depends on a well-imagined trajectory of time into the future where their business models will hit their sweet spots. We selectively invest in intellectual-based ventures that mirror the innovative design philosophy, and using the Flamingo Moon Ventures principles, guide the progression of the business model to remain true to its founding principles while meeting set investment return hurdles

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